Cloud Computing

Cloud computing: Use of hardware and software to deliver service over a network (or internet).
Cloud computing refers to internet-based computing, it offers different services to an organization via the internet rather than a local server or a personal computer. Services are remote servers, manage and store data, etc.

What Do We provide In Cloud Computing?

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Service

Types Of Cloud Computing

public cloud computing

Public Cloud

By using public clouds all hardware, software and other supporting infrastructure owned and operated by service provider company whole computing infrastructure is located on their premises, which they deliver over the internet.
private cloud

Private Cloud

Single businesses or organizations use private cloud computing. It can be located physically on the company’s on-site datacenter. In private cloud services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network. We provide private cloud service which gives you more storage and security.

hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud

We provide hybrid cloud computing that combines public and private cloud with technology which bound data and applications to be shared between them. It gives your business greater flexibility and helps in optimizing your existing infrastructure, data and security.

Why Organizations Use Cloud Computing?


By using Cloud computing service, you save on your capital expenses:-
• Buying hardware and software
• Setting up it
• Electricity charges for power and cooling
• IT experts for managing the infrastructure


It helps in speeding up your work as your data is stored in big data centers which provide you great speed. You can access data in seconds by clouding your data and your data is safe. It also gives your business flexibility and takes all the pressure off capacity planning.


Data loss is a major problem for every organization, along with data security.
Clouding provides business continuity as it helps in loss prevention, data backup, disaster recovery.


For every organization the major concern is security of data whether a big firm or a small one. Clouding provides you advanced security features which helps in protecting your data, apps and infrastructure from threats like cybercrime.

Global Scale

Global scalability is the greatest advantage of clouding as it gives the right amount of IT resources whenever it is needed and from your geographical location. You can easily increase or decrease your storage without any additional investment.


Clouding increases your productivity which helps you to compete in the market.
As data center requires many operations like hardware setup, software patching, and other time consuming IT management tasks that you can save by clouding.


It also increase your performance as we update it regularly to the latest generation or version of fast and efficient computing hardware. It also saves your time in maintaining the data centers.

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