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To start an online business every organization needs domain & hosting, we provide this service at a pocket-friendly cost because we know the value of money.
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domain & Hosting

We provide a domain name which help you to put the first step towards online business.

Get your Domain

The domain name is the same as the address or zip code needed to reach a place, so the internet browser needs a domain name to direct you to a website. It is the same as a physical address.
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Top Level Domains

These types of domains are at the top level of the internet’s domain name system. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) maintained the official list of TLDs. Such as .com

Country Code Top Level Domains

These sites are used by those organizations that build dedicated sites for a specific region, such as, .us which means this domain is used for the united states.
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Generic Top-Level Domain

It is additional to TLD and ccTLD, gTLD is used in the specific use case, such as, .edu which is used for an educational institution.
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Get Fully Secured Hosting

What is hosting?
It is an online storage center where your information, images, video, and other content is stored.

We maintain the server where data of your website is stored and we also manage the technology that makes your website connected to the internet.

Types Of Hosting We Provide

Shared Hosting

Here your data is stored with another website on a shared basis. Its advantage is you don’t have to pay more for hosting.
This hosting is useful if your website didn’t need more storage.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of server there is no other website that has shared in your server, you alone rented it and you have full control over it.

Colocation Web Hosting

Here customer lease space for hosting where the customer has full control over hardware and software. The customer has to maintain, manage and supply the servers.


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